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​VIDEO: Nic Von Rupp’s Teahupo’o Carnage Edit

Nothing beats a good old fashioned crash reel! Teahupo’o is usually the scene of immaculate barrels and insane rides, but of course that also comes with a side of carnage. Nic Von Rupp and his crew were there to document some of the late-May sessions this year, and compiled some of the biggest wipeouts of the season. He says, “May 25th 2022 marks the opening session of the season for Teahupoo with some crazy rides from Surfers from all over the world pushing the limits. When you are pushing the limits, you succeed in some wave and fail in other. Failing in such heavy wave as Teahupoo create astonishing wipe outs, which for the surfer are dangerous and painful, yet for the audience extremely entertaining. In this video we bring you the best wipe outs of the May 25th swell.”

I always look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.
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