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VIDEO: Maximum Barrel with Nic Von Rupp at Skeleton Bay, Namibia

Namibia's Skeleton Coast doesn't have a lot going for it. The desert coast is inhospitable, home to dense fog, less than half an inch of annual rainfall, and over 1000 rusting shipwrecks. The local San people referred to it as "The Land That God Made in Anger," which is both quite poetic and a pretty solid indication that it's not a very nice place.

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The major draw, besides shipwreck-sightseeing, is Skeleton Bay, home to some of Earth's longest and most consistent barrels. Nic Von Rupp, alongside Koa Rothman and Benji Brand, headed down there to see what all the hype is about. As it turns out, the hype is warranted, as the trio learned while surfing barrels for up to a full minute per wave.

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stash member Zack Skovron

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, now living in Jackson, WY. I’m an avid skier, biker, hiker, climber, and fisherman. Outside of sports, my major interests focus on public policy surrounding land use and energy systems.