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VIDEO: Kai Lenny Gets Wild at The Gigantes De Nazaré

Kai Lenny is a man of many talents, but let’s not forget what he’s probably best at – slaying giants. Growing up just down the road from the legendary big-wave surf spot Jaws, he was introduced to the art of riding monster waves from an early age. These days, he’s continuing that progression in all manner of new and mind-blowing ways. Of course, that’s taken him to arguably the most famous big-wave spot in the world: Portugal’s Nazaré. It’s one of the world’s most dangerous spots to be in the water, and Kai shares some stories of near-misses while riding out there, including flipped jet skis and getting caught inside. Kai being Kai, those are just small hiccups in his quest to push the progression of big-wave surfing into the stratosphere.

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