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Video: Jamie O’Brien Has a Close Call at Pipeline

Editor's Note: The video includes some graphic footage of O'Brien's scalp injury.

Jamie O'Brien has surfed Pipeline as much as just about anybody, but his recent wipeout proves that even pros need to stay on their guard. It was a solid day at the break, with manageable four-to-six foot high barrels. Unfortunately, Mr. O'Brien's day at the beach was cut short after slammed his head into either his board or the reef during a fall. 

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After several seconds underwater, O'Brien's float suit brought him to the surface. From there, it became rapidly apparent that something wasn't quite right - so O'Brien took a trip to the hospital. Several staples later and JOB is back in one piece. 

Pipeline has proven deadly for unprepared or unlucky surfers several times over the years, most recently claiming the life of Marcus Biju, an O'ahu local who regularly bodysurfed the break.

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