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Video: Anatomy of a Massive Wipeout with Nathan Florence

"Teahupo'o" loosely translates to "Place of Skulls," and for good reason: The wave's prized hollow shape is due to the extremely shallow coral reef which lies approximately 20 inches below the break's surface. That's not a big deal as long as you don't take a wipeout, but becomes a major concern as soon as tons of water start piledriving you into the sharp coral.

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Nathan Florence found himself in that unenviable position during a recent trip to Tahiti, and came away with chewed-up feet and forearms. However, as he freely admits, it could have been much worse. Listen as he explains his strategy for avoiding serious injury during heavy wipeouts.

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Wow!!! What an adventurous video!!! I wondered after watching this video. Nathan Florence, you are just amazing.  Hostsailor Your strategy for avoiding serious injury during massive wipeouts are appreciable. Stay safe and enjoy each moment. All the best wishes for your future adventures.

Wow! That was insane to watch!

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Nathan Florence is sharing his experience during a wipeout. He is sharing his experience in this field. It is not an easy task, it needs proper training and experience. His words clearly washington dc private tours explain the difficulties that he faces and also the enjoyment of him when he doing it.

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