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Tosh Tudor Premiers First Surf Film, Signature Longboard Model

Lograp has been deeply indoctrinated in the for SoCal longboarding scene for years. They follow around the biggest names in the alternative crowd, filming them surf, asking them questions and spreading the word on how to live the life of a surfer in California. In their most recent youtube post, they caught up with Tosh Tudor the day after his new movie Tube Therapy premiered in San Diego to find out more about his new board model with THC Surfboards shaped by Wayne Rich. Even though the waves were just average, the board looked like it worked well and talking to Wayne even he was surprised how well Tosh was able to surf the thing after just one session.

They covered a lot of ground in their post surf interview too, discussing things such as what the first things Tosh looks at when checking out a new board, bucket list waves yet to be checked off, and the struggles of trying to convince yourself you’re a “freesurfer” when indeed you are just a longboarder.

If you find yourself in the Costa Mesa area, or on the Atlantic Coast of Florida in the coming weeks, make sure to look out for a premier of Tube Therapy to support the grom's film! The rest of us will sit tight for the web premier coming sometime in May.

We here at TGR are stoked for Tosh as he leads the next generations of longboarders and freesurfers to the forefront of the sport. Keep an eye out for this kid! YEW!


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