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This Is What Your Vacation Would Look Like If You Were Pro Surfers

If you were a pro surfer, your vacation might be vaguely reminiscent of 24 year-old, French pro surfer Tristan Guilbaud's recent trip with his model/pro-surfer girlfriend Victoria Vergara. 

Last May, Tristan and Victoria traveled to pristine beaches through Nicaragua and California. Tristan told us, "The best day of the trip was definitely the biggest day. We had the same swell that hit Puerto Escondido. I woke up that morning expecting the waves to be too big but they were 10 feet with offshore winds. I spent six hours in the water that day, got pounded many times, and broke a board in half which I left to the kids on the beach. But at the end, I surfed a few hours all by myself and got a few bombs. I couldn't have asked for more!"

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Between contests and photo shoots, Tristan and Victoria are living the dream, traveling around the world together, meeting incredible people, and surfing exotic breaks. I may not ever be a pro surfer, but this has definitely upped the ante on my future vacation plans. 

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stash member Tana Hoffman

Ex-East-Coaster honing my shred skills in the Tetons. Snow chaser, surfer, DH rider, pilot in training & Social/Content Marketing Manager for TGR. I sometimes wear base layers as part of my regular outfit. . . gotta keep my style tight.