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The Malloy Bro’s Make Us Fall in Love With Surfing

An average day for Ralph Bruhwiler consists of surfing gnarly waves then jumping in a boat and catching his own dinner. Canada's first pro-surfer sure knows a thing or two about his surroundings.

This new Yeti short filmed by the Malloy Brothers (you all know 180° South, right?) takes us deep into the woods of Vancouver Island where Bruhwiler grew up. His father, an immigrant from Switzerland who made a living by cutting trees, made sure his children were never bored. The Bruhwilers spent their childhood exploring the Tofino beaches, learning how to live off the land and tuning into the expansive nature around them. 

Today, Bruhwiler still lives in British Columbia with his wife and kids, carrying on the family tradition of inspiring generations of adventure and respect for nature. Soon enough, his kids will be behind him stealing his waves. But Bruhwiler is okay with that — that's exactly how it should be.

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stash member Julie Kukral

Freelance writer & creative marketer making her way West.