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The Future of Women’s Surfing is Looking Bright with these Gals

According to ancient Hawaiian history, female surfers held the same status and place as their male counterparts. These original wave walkers were celebrated for their incredible surfing abilities, prowess, and character. It’s a reverence and acceptance that feels hard to grasp given how women have been treated throughout modern surf history. 

From unequal prize earnings to the expectation of being just pretty bikini models, female surfers have had to fight an uphill battle. But it’s thanks to pioneers like Carissa Moore, Paige Alms, Coco Ho, and many, many more that women are finally getting the parity they deserve. And the best part? It’s already trickling down to the next generation. Meet Hokulani, Vaihitimahana, Ēweleiʻula, Puamakamae, and Moana — the badass surf girl squad you wish you were a part of when you were in high school. The new series Surf Girls: Kaikaina, tells their story while highlighting the wave of progression we're witnessing within the sport.

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