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Tanker Surfing: The Sketchiest Looking Waves You Can Ride

For someone whose already afraid of the ocean, it seems like there's any number of sketchy things that can happen while surfing. Shark attacks, reef collisions, drowning, you name it, it's all terrifying. So when you add surfing next to a giant tanker ship that could squish you at any second it seems even sketchier. But that's what Captain James Fulbright is all about. Essentially, when water is displaced by the ship, it gets caught up in an existing stern wave. All the excess water makes these waves grow to a surfable size, not to mention that they can be ridden for miles. In the words of Captain Fulbright's surf buddy, Peter "I have never done crack cocaine, but I can imagine that it would be that addictive, you know, that you gotta have another wave." We'll take your word for it, Peter. 

I love surfing very much. Surfing is a great experience. It energizes the whole mind and body. This article is awesome.  Signs of Spiritual awakening  At a mere 12 years old to become great at surfing is admirable. This article and video are good to view.

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