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Russel Bierke Captivates in New Edit: ‘Flow State’

Yes, Russel Bierke is real, so don’t rub your eyes too hard. 

Ever since he landed the cover of Surfing Magazine in 2015 at 17 years old, this Aussie has been a household name in the world of big wave surfing, and his speciality? Riding slabs.

In his heart-stopping new edit “Flow State,” directed by Andrew Kaineder, it’s clear that Bierke has earned his title by dropping into some of the heaviest and most intimidating waves known to man.

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Of course, he has a way of making it look effortless - his movements and calm demeanor make it appear as though he is in a sort of lucid meditation. The steady beat of the music in this edit echoes the juxtaposition of the calm intensity Bierke carries through these gargantuan rollers. That paired with steady filming results in an exhilarating slow shock to your system.

“Flow State” is intense, enthralling and an absolute must-watch. It’s like these fierce and unforgiving waves are just as entranced as we are by Bierke’s internal flow-like state - causing them to be as tranquil and steady as he is. 

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