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Nic Von Rupp and Co. Go Ballistic in the Atlantic Hawaii

There are a handful waves across the globe that are instantly identifiable just from a split-second of their footage. Pipeline, Nazare and Teahupo'o all come to mind.

Luckily–for whatever reason–there also exists quite a few breaks around the world that can offer pristine, world-class conditions, but don't get nearly the same mass recognition, which helps keep them from becoming the next Trestles–just overflowing with surfers in the lineup.

The above video from director Guy Mac titled "Dusty Daze" showcases one of them.

While it's far from a hidden gem, Nic von Rupp, Miguel Blanco and company are just saying that the above clip is "somewhere in the Atlantic." We won't spoil their ruse, but rather, we'll just sit back and enjoy watching them surf the hell out of a place affectionately known as the Atlantic Hawaii.

About The Author

stash member Robert Pursell

Connecticut journalism transplant who enjoys telling stories, drinking beer and skiing, though not necessarily in that order. I have the annoying habit of petting other people's dogs without asking.