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More Massive Swell Hits the San Francisco Bay

If you haven’t heard, California has been getting hit with historic swell for almost three weeks straight now. All our favorite breaks up and down the coast have been going off, as well as many novelty waves that have been dormant in some cases for over 20 years. San Francisco’s Ocean Beach is a year-round swell magnet and will have swell close to 200 days out of the year; but not like this. These waves are exceptional. The heavy NW swell paired with perfect offshore wind has brought in set after set of clean, hollow, double overhead tubes are about as good as it could possibly get for this break. Chargers from all around are stoked to be grabbing their step ups in hopes to pull into the tube ride of a lifetime. Let’s hope the swell holds through the rest of winter!!

It looks like the San Francisco Bay is yet again feeling the effects of a massive swell! This is a reminder of the incredible power of nature, Cannabidiol Oil and how it can transform the landscape in an instant. For those who live near the Bay, it’s a good time to be mindful of safety and take any precautions necessary. For everyone else, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and strength of the ocean!

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stash member Marlowe Kushner