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Kerby Brown Takes On Australia’s Most Mutant Slabs, is a Complete Mad Man

The slabs of Western and Southern Austrailia are famously ferocious.

Massive amounts of water crash over notoriously shallow breaks, and the waves are nothing if not unpredictable. They are, in the truest sense, "mutant waves." Each wave forms unlike the one prior, with a unique collection of folds and steps forming on the face of the waves seemingly completely at random. And the payoff for eating it on any of the slabs is an unholy pounding, with the added opportunity to get intimate with rock shelves and experience prolonged hold-downs thrown in.

You need a special type of personality to carve out a career surviving on the deep water slabs of Oz, and Kerby Brown has it in spades.

Brown–he of the notorious 2017 wipeout at The Right–displays a level of fearlessness in his surfing that is nothing if not jaw-dropping. When paired with a heavy metal soundtrack and HD camera work, as in his newest edit, "Born of Fire," it makes for a mesmerizing experience. 

About The Author

stash member Robert Pursell

Connecticut journalism transplant who enjoys telling stories, drinking beer and skiing, though not necessarily in that order. I have the annoying habit of petting other people's dogs without asking.