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Kelly Slater vs. Andy Irons at J-Bay 2005: A Battle for the Ages

When two undisputed legends in surfing go head-to-head in competition with peaking swell at one of the best right-hand point breaks on earth, sparks are bound to fly. And the sparks were surly flying in this insane final between Kelly Slater and Andy Irons at the 2005 J Bay Billabong Pro. The huge, wide-open face of this wave is the perfect canvas for these two surfers, both in the absolute prime of their careers, to paint the most creative and impressive lines in their wheelhouse. The two surfers pushed each other to their limits, always trying to one up their adversary by laying down even more powerful and beautiful rides with each wave they caught. Of course, this final went down to the wire, and was decided by the very last wave of the heat. In a word, epic. Check it out!


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