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Jordy Smith Gives Us an Exquisite Tour of Australia as Only He Can

In the current landscape of pro surfing, for whatever reasons, Jordy Smith can at times be overlooked.

He lacks the incredible, overwhelming consistency (and tuberiding ability) of John John Florence, doesn't have unrelenting competitive ferocity of Gabriel Medina and isn't quite on the same level of Filipe Toledo when it comes to producing "holy shit, how the hell did he land that?" aerials. But when he puts it all together, there may be no better surfer alive than the towering South African surfer, and in his latest clip from O'Neill, Smith is firing on all cylinders as we gives a tour of Western Australia. 

His entire arsenal is on display, from jaw-dropping aerials to ferocious power turns to mind-bending laybacks. It's a refreshing reminder of just how good the 30-year-old Durban native can be when he's on top of his game, especially given his substandard performance on tour early this season (Smith currently sits at 20th in the WSL rankings).

Here's to hoping we see more of this from Jordy moving forward.

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stash member Robert Pursell

Connecticut journalism transplant who enjoys telling stories, drinking beer and skiing, though not necessarily in that order. I have the annoying habit of petting other people's dogs without asking.