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Jetski Gets Crushed At the Wedge, Victims Lucky to Be Alive

There is a bad day and then there is this...

This past Saturday around 4:00pm at the Wedge, the infamous Newport Beach break, a couple found themselves on the punishing end of nature. Apparently after losing their way, they ended in front of the wash from a 20 foot wave. Consequently, they got washed into the jetty and from here chaos broke lose. 

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"Apparently, they were just kind of lost or something; he just drove straight in,” Newport Beach Marine Safety Capt. Skeeter Leeper told the Orange County Register. “They rented a jet ski and they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The couple owes their lives to the Newport Beach lifeguards and safety crew, who without hesitation jumped into the surf. The victims were able to walk away with no injuries, thanks to their lifejackets. Everyone was lucky that this story did not end in a more tragic way. 

Perilous…those life guards were f#&king; heroic!

Hope they got the insurance! (side note: background music is hilarious)

About The Author

stash member Jonathan Desabris

Digital Content Producer at TGR. Jackson Hole transplant from the Green Mountain State. Contrary to popular belief I have never lived in New Jersey.