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Inspiring Story of Surfing in Mozambique

Interlaced with immaculate surfing and a driving Afrobeat soundtrack, “Chasing the Unicorn” is not your average history lesson. Brought to you by South-African chargers and surf documentarians Will Bendix and Alan van Gysen, “Chasing the Unicorn” is an enlivening short film that traces the emergence of surf culture in Mozambique. After thirty years of isolating civil war, Mozambique’s surf community is just beginning to pick up steam. Follow two of the country’s prominent surfers, Sung Min Cho and Julia Fernando, as they explain and embody the blossoming surf scene in Mozambique. If you are a fan of peace, hope, and surfing, this flick is not to be missed.  Featuring: Sung Min Cho, Eli Beukes, Julia Fernando, Jordy Smith, Brendon Gibbens, Mikey February and others.

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