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I’m a Kook!

No one was born a pro at anything; and it can be really tough sometimes to work through the beginner stages of anything without feeling like a kook. But Bryan, the creator of Longboard Sessions, never let that feeling of inadequacy unmotivate him. Quite the opposite actually.   

After catching some flack from a surfing meme account under the handle @nose_dodgers_anonomous on Instagram, Bryan was lost in a sea of confusion and self-doubt. Faced with questions of his own worthiness, skill, and connection with surfing, Bryan had to choose between letting the public humiliation defeat him and “hang it up” so to speak, or to let those words drive him to become the best surfer he can be. The result is inspiring.

 I’ll leave you with one slice of wisdom shared in this video: “Often with surfing or anything in life you will stagnate. And you gotta challenge yourself. You have to make your life not easy and get through it. It reinvigorates passion.”

 Stay passionate y’all!


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