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‘How to Learn How to Surf’ is the Film We All Need Right Now

What’s better than a bunch of people admitting they don’t know how to do something and then just going out and doing it anyways? Close to nothing. We need more videos like this, especially when it comes to outdoor sports, where egos can get in the way of having fun. Let’s give it up to these novices - cheers to their humility, passion, willingness to learn and what’s more? Just having some good old-fashioned fun.

Surfer 'Punker Pat' Towersey went on a limb and “convinced the suits at Hurley that it was a good idea to sponsor NYC creative types and send them fifteen time zones away from home to make a movie on how to learn how to surf,” and the risk shows, but it also reaps a lot of reward. The group’s joy is contagious, and much like surfing, the film is a treasure trove full of life lessons.

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Yes, they have all the gear and resources to be great, so, they are great, right? Nope – and they will be the first to say what so many kooks and jerry’s alike wouldn’t admit under hushed breath: that they’re just OK at what they’re doing. 'How to Learn How to Surf' shows that it’s great to be bad, or even mediocre at something, just make sure you’re having fun while you’re doing it.

Tom Sach’s Wes Anderson-esque surf film is a total gem. Watch it, learn from it, laugh a little and trust us, it’ll really, really make you want to go surfing. So hey, leave your ego at the door, try something new, relax and follow rule #7: APB - Always Be Playing. 

The jet ski part of this will be on “Kook of the Day.” Calling it now.

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