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Garrett McNamara Discusses What Makes Nazaré The Maddest Wave In The World

After nearly drowning at Nazaré in 2013, Brazilian big wave surfer Maya Gabeira revisits the Portuguese wave in Red Bull’s film Return to Nazaré. Regarded as one of the largest waves ever surfed by a woman, Maya had a horrific wipeout causing her to break her ankle and come in and out of consciousness before her tow partner and fellow surfer Carlos Burle was able to rescue her. Nazaré is one of the biggest breaks in the world and Gabeira was determined to go back and surf the wave again.

I needed to get back to Nazaré, because it was where my surfing life stopped two years ago 

-Maya Gabeira 

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In the 30-minute film titled Return to Nazaré, Red Bull covers one of the best female big wave surfers of our generation as she returns to the wave that nearly took her life. In this trailer for the film, professional big wave surfer (and now Nazaré resident) Garrett McNamara shares the story of how he found this incredible wave – one that's provided facing approaching nearly 100 feet tall – including the magic and potential dangers of surfing this notorious spot. 

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