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Filipe Toledo Projects Power and Speed in El Salvador

El Salvador is, among other things, a promised land of surf. Warm water and ramps for days bring eager chargers from far and wide. While it’s not hard to see why it’s such a coveted surf destination, Filipe smashes the point home in this nice little edit from down south. (Or up north, if you're a Brazzo like Toledo.)

Watching him carve up some of Central America’s best spots, it’s no surprise that Toledo is one of the best competitive surfers in the world. The release of this edit coincides with an emphatic win at the J-Bay WSL comp. Incredibly, Toledo is just as powerful a surfer in the smalll stuff as he is at the much more robust break at Jefferey’s Bay. 

Filipe’s El Salvador edit shows us a more relaxed side of his surfing, tucked away from the high pressure environments of competitive surfing. Free surfing is the best surfing!

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