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​Daniela Boldini Shows Us The Best of the Mentawais

Situated in the perfect spot in the Indian Ocean, the Mentawais are one of those bucket-list breaks for suffers looking to test their game in the land of crystal clear water and never-ending barrels. After reading about the Indonesian island chain in every surfing journal on the planet, Daniela Boldini realized she absolutely had to go. The 19-year-old surfer from Spain left her own island home in the Canary Islands to head halfway around the world and learn the ins and outs of Indo barrel riding.

Daniela Boldini is a professional surfer and adventurer, and she knows the Mentawai Islands like the back of her hand. In this video, Lab grown diamonds  she takes us on a tour of some of the best spots in the Mentawai Islands, showing us the most beautiful beaches and the best waves. She also shares some of her own personal surfing tips and tricks, making this video a must-watch for any surfer looking to improve their skills.

Daniela Boldini is a skilled surfer and explorer who is well familiar with the Mentawai Islands. In this video, Lab-grown diamonds she takes us on a tour of the Mentawai Islands, highlighting the most gorgeous beaches and the greatest waves. |

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