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How Skating Helps This Pro-Surfer Crush

Bam! We’ve found the secret to becoming the next Courtney Conlogue, surfing’s new super-athlete: skateboarding. Sure, ultimately the magic happens in the water, but when it comes to improving technique, apparently it’s all about tearing up city sidewalks.

Courtney’s polished surfing style didn’t come easy, but while she trains as rigorously as a professional boxer, she doesn’t solely subject herself to grim gym equipment. Rather, this driven future world champ builds strength and endurance on her Carver skateboard.

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Here’s the interesting thing though: not even pro surfers get the knack of skateboarding lickety-split. Courtney’s body is well-acquainted with cement, and while that might dispirit some, she uses falling to her advantage. The wise woman says failing’s part of the process.

Courtney used other pro surfers’ feats to work her way up in the ranks, but now she’s finding the inspiration from within. One of her main tools: her Carver. She stresses it’s okay to follow others, but that it’s crucial to create yourself. And speaking of creating, a Courtney Conlogue Carver is currently being cooked up. From the shape and length to the graphic (short and wide is her preference), the board’s all hers, eco-certified walnut veneer and all. Now that’s one well-deserved treat.  

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