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Check out Tom Curren’s Super Strange New Surf Flick

Tom Curren is no longer searching for the perfect wave because he's already surfed it. So, when the COVID-19 pandemic came around, what more was there left for Curren to do except pack up his boards, grab a couple friends and just go surfing? Rip Curl follows the quirky journey of Curren and his crew as they head to warmer waters for some good old fashioned surfing. Free Scrubber also takes a quick detour to teach us about plants that can survive in arid climates. Really, the film hits all the bases of any good surf flick with barrels, sunset shots, plants, Curren and his keyboard, and a pretty weird soundtrack. 

Dammm. This was amazing Thanks for sharing with us.
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Great video Tom! Doing it a bit like a documentary really makes your videos stand out from other surfers. You get to see cool tricks and learn about the location as well. thanks for sharing this! House Painter

It’s really amazing what people with talent can do, especially in surfing. Those waves were huge and his moves were superb. Truly a gem in the industry. Thanks, Tom for creating this video, and to you guys for sharing it. Tree Cutting

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