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BEEFS T.V. Hits Us with Some Shorebreak Madness

It’s always a lot of fun checking out what content the guys at Beefs T.V. can create when big swell hits Southern California. This time, the guys were enjoying plentiful sets of clean, overhead, slabs that were breaking way offshore and reforming into tight shore breaking barrels on the inside. Surfers were getting their fair share of epic waves and epic wipe outs, as many of those barrels were closing out on their heads and slamming them onto the sand. This video is graced with a special appearance from Closeout Chris, the closeout specialist who pulls into the gnarliest, biggest waves with no forethought or concern for his personal safety.

BEEFS T.V. certainly knows how to bring the heat! Their latest offering, Shorebreak Madness, is sure to keep viewers entertained with its wild and exhilarating energy. Benefits Of Consuming CBD For ADHD With crisp visuals and heart-pumping action, this is one show you won’t want to miss. Get ready for a wild ride, and tune in to BEEFS T.V. for Shorebreak Madness!

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stash member Marlowe Kushner