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​Watch Now: Natural Selection 2022 Stop #2 – Baldface

The second stop of the 2022 Natural Selection Tour returns to BC’s Baldface Lodge. With 14 of the world’s best snowboarders facing off in the revered Scary Cherry venue, who will take the title before the riders head up to Alaska for the final stop of the Tour? The Scary Cherry is a freerider’s dream with 80 massive natural and wooden drops, kickers and other features spread throughout the famously powder-coated, 40-plus-degree slope. Baldface Lodge, set in British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains outside of Nelson, is a snowboarding mecca with over 500 inches of annual snowfall laid across 32,000 acres of open bowls, peaks and perfectly spaced trees. The winner at the Tour’s second stop will take home a new model year 2022 Ski-Doo snowmobile.

The nine men who qualified for the second stop in BC, compete in a two-run quarterfinal, where the best run counts. The top four high scoring men’s runs advance to head-to-head semifinals and then finals in a two-run heat with the best run winning it. The five women will head straight to semifinals with the two women with the top two highest scoring runs, advancing to finals for a head-to-head matchup, where best run wins. The top four overall scoring women and top eight scoring men at the Tour’s second stop, the TAE Natural Selection at Baldface, will head north to the Tour’s final stop in Alaska that will debut in mid-April.

A note on scoring: New for 2022, the Natural Selection Tour will be using a Triple Crown-style format to determine the overall Tour Champion. In this format, each stop of the Tour will have equal weighting and a stand-alone winner. The points will be tallied by finish at each stop: first place = 1 point; second place = 2 points; third place = 3 points. The rider with the lowest score at the conclusion of the three stops will be the overall Natural Selection Tour Champion. So hypothetically, if a competitor places third in Jackson, first in BC, and fifth in AK that rider’s final combined score would be nine (3+1+5). If a tie happens, the Championship tie-breaker is based on which rider had the better finish in the final event in Alaska.

I can’t believe all the pow I’m seeing, all the air these riders are catching, and how they are not falling down lol. Teach me! concrete pavers

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