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Video: Travis Rice’s Mid-Eclipse Kicker Session

On July 2nd, 2019, there was a total solar eclipse visible from parts of South America. For most people, simply witnessing such a dramatic astronomic event is good enough. Travis Rice isn't most people, so he headed to Chile to try and capture a mid-totality action shot high in the Andes.

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Standing at 13.5 thousand feet with @slashdiaz watching the sun disappear up here in Chile was something I won’t soon forget. A ceremony the night before, a shaman told us that a total eclipse has the power of 10 super moons and is a profound time for transition. So, we built a big one. I have never built a jump out of half rocks and snow, but hey, in these high and dry Andes one needs to be resourceful. Going to post up a little edit of our day here shortly. Pretty hard to sum up the experience in words. Just wow... . . . Haters are going to say that UFO bottom left is a lens flare.... . #Chileanmoon #Eclipseoftheheart #Lunarcockblock #itsacoverup #shotinthedark #nofilter #blackholesun #holeinthefire #epicfail

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Setting up a photo shoot high in the Andes requires a huge amount of logistical wrangling, as Travis and his team found out. Things didn’t go exactly according to plan, but that’s the way she goes sometimes.

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