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Video: Experimental Spring Laps with the Shredbots

Snowboarding was pioneered with a spirit of non-conformity and rebellion. Back in the 1960s, it took the individualistic attitude often seen in skateboarding and surfing and brought it to mountains. One-plankers were seen as radical and disruptive, especially when compared to the well-established sport of alpine skiing, which led to well-publicized discrimination at places like Alta and Deer Valley. In the half-century since, snowboarding has entered the mainstream thanks to athletes like Shaun White, Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones.

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These days, snowboarding has less of a connection with counterculture than it once did, as evidenced by its inclusion in the Olympics, and by the fact that many early snowboarders are now parents. However, a new generation of snowboarders is pushing the sport back towards its roots, eschewing the spin-to-win mindset in favor of a more creative, less-regimented technique. This video is a great example, with fewer spins and more old-fashioned style.

About The Author

stash member Zack Skovron

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, now living in Jackson, WY. I’m an avid skier, biker, hiker, climber, and fisherman. Outside of sports, my major interests focus on public policy surrounding land use and energy systems.