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Toby Miller Sends The Elusive Yolo Flip

Only someone with the nickname like "iPod"–Iouri Podladtchikov–would invent a trick name the "yolo flip.". The yolo flip is a cab double cork 1440 in the halfpipe and was first done by iPod at Winter X Games 2013.

The young Californian upstart Toby Miller saw the yolo flip as a perfect trick to add to his arsenal in the pipe. Watch Toby and Shaun White session the Mt. Hood halfpipe with the goal of putting down an illusive yolo flip.

dumb name for a trick, dumb nick name….the trick rocks

About The Author

stash member Toby Koekkoek

Jackson transplant via the Boston area. A traveler, and a skiing, skateboarding, and racquet sports enthusiast