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These Snowboarders are Just Like Your Friends, but Better

Snowboarders are just so chill. Particularly in this video. According to Transworld Snowboarding, Hotham Alpine Resort in Australia gave the rowdy snowboarding crew, Rusty Toothbrush a bunch of freedom to do whatever they wanted. They built jumps and snow tunnels and were even joined by the Nitro Snowboard team for a while. That's what makes this edit so rad, it's just a bunch of hooligans messing around and having a good time. But these guys are super talented, so unlike watching my brothers try 360s in the park, this is actually entertaining. 

About The Author

stash member Leslie Hittmeier

Leslie is a freelance writer and photographer. Storytelling is her focus and she spends her time following badass skiers and climbers around in their natural habitats. As an obsessed skier and climber herself, she plays and trains in the Tetons.