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TGR Presents A New Snowboard Film: Roadless

The Teton Wilderness is one of the largest tracts of protected land in the lower 48. Home to stunning mountain scenery, massive amounts of snow and the home of the Yellowstone Grizzly, the hand of man has left this treasure trove largely untouched. In the winter of 2019, Bryan Iguchi teamed up with fellow snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice to explore this untamed area on a 10-day human powered expedition, climbing and riding dozens of never-seen-before lines. In addition to our annual ski and snowboard production, follow this new mission in TGR’s latest snowboard film Roadless, dropping Fall 2019. 

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Filled with gratitude after a week touring through some of the most remote wilderness in the lower 48, pursuing the essence of a theme Bryan Iguchi has been committed to for decades. Guch, being able to join you and Jeremy Jones was a true honor, and what a fun trip packed with so much amazing riding!

-Travis Rice, snowboarder

Roadless began with a conversation over dinner a few years ago, we were talking about the remote alpine plateaus and eroded cirques of the Teton Wilderness, and got excited about the idea of traveling through this vast space, to experience the vacant land, and see a new perspective from the distant views.

-Bryan Iguchi, snowboarder

High above camp, Bryan Iguchi drops into yet another first descent. Ming T. Poon photo.

When Guch and I started talking about it, I was blown away that a place existed so remote and so big basically in our backyard that we knew very little about. The element of discovery was the ultimate draw, and the fact that the stars aligned for Travis and Jeremy to be a part of the adventure was priceless. The shared history of these legends of the sport added a layer we couldn't have anticipated.

-Jon Klaczkiewicz, producer

This is one of the wildest missions we’ve ever embarked on, with three of the most iconic snowboarders in the world. The terrain is mind-boggling and the candid insights of these athletes are truly unique.

-Steve Jones, producer and TGR co-founder

Wow, guys! You really rock it there. I just wish that you’ll be safe. I had a major injury that prevented me to go back to snowboarding. Rock on!
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What an awesome exploration of new territory! Looks like an absolute blast. - <a >Jordan</a>

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