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K2 Channels ‘90s Angst with Sean Pettit Park Session

Oh the ‘90s. It was the decade of Doc Martens, frosted tips, Tamagotchi pets, and the glory days of snowboarding. The sport was coming into its own and thrived by being a scrappy subculture that didn’t play by the rules. Hip hop and grunge reigned supreme during these angsty teenage years, and park laps at resorts like Big Bear Mountain were all the rage. K2 decided to pay tribute to these formative years with Sean Pettit, Bar Dadon, and Jayell White on a vintage board set up. It’s giving us all the feels. Could we go back to these simpler times right now?

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Considering that Pettit is actually a ‘90s kid, maybe the edit is from an alternate reality where Petit realized he was a snowboarder all along...spooky.  

Makes me want to dig out my old VHS copies Simple Pleasures or Young, Brown, Walsh.

Boys are crazy! Keep up the good work. I’d love to see more of this adventures.
Best regards,

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stash member Katie Lozancich

TGR Staff Writer and photographer. Fond of bikes, pow, and dogs. Originally from Northern CA, home for me has ranged from the PNW to a teepee in Grand Teton National Park.