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Chest Deep Powsurfing at Snowbasin Ski resort

After a couple of insane runs on 2 different snowboards Jeremy Jensen reached for his true "powder gun". The Grassroots Powdersurfing "Big Phish" 150cm 3D. This bindingless beauty out floated the snowboards and added a whole new challenge to some ridiculously fun snow and terrain at Snowbasin Resort. No bindings, no problem. 


    I’ve got 6 Snowskates of all sizes in my quiver and every one would sink like a rock in these conditions. They are super fun for slush, hardpack and shallow resort pow here in utah though! Powsurfer was most definitely the answer on this day.

About The Author

stash member Grassroots Powdersurfing

We create the most versatile & functional powsurfers in the world, custom designed & handcrafted in Utah by the pioneers of the powsurfing movement. No ropes, bungis, magnets, or any other gimmicks here, just 100% true binding-free powder riding.