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He’s the Youngest Snowboarder to Ever Land a Double Backflip

Eli Bouchard is 8 years old and he just landed his first double backflip–making him the youngest person to ever land a double backflip. It's hard to believe that such a small, young human is capable of flying through the air with that kind of precision and determination, but Bouchard was definitely hungry for it, and it's awesome to see how stoked he is once he finally gets it right (at 1:00).

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The outdoor industry is always talking about "whatever the next generation of skier and snowboarders will do." But, I'm starting to notice a theme: the next generation of skiers and snowboarders is already doing nearly everything that we were doing, but they're a decade and to a decade and a half younger than my generation was. Way to go Eli!  

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stash member Maya Hunger

Journalist by training, dirtbag by bank account, environmentalist by passion, sea kayak guide & road bike guide in the summer, skier at heart.