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Get Stoked to Shred: Energy by Drink Water Crew

You know those euphoric days of slaying powder with friends: slashing snow that’s so deep and air-soft that you feel absolutely invincible. Japan-like pillow lines. And run after run is fueled by a crew who carries absolutely zero qualms for laughing at one another’s board-over-head tumbles. 

Drink Water Media House captures that idyllic, playful stoke in their new snowboard movie, Energy, to kickoff 2017 in best light.

Each scene roll features wide open bowls and sleek tree lines that make you salivate, captures at Mt. Baker, plus plenty of gnar-core cliffs, chutes and monster backcountry booters.

The film definitely gets you pumped, with Energy riders Curtis Ciszek, Austen Sweetin, Griffin Siebert, Alex Yoder, Rick McCrank, Temple Cummins, Seth Huot, Blake Paul, and Drink Water founders and snowboarders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith.

Drink Water is not solely a production company and team: they're a community. The collective movement surfaced as a way to raise awareness for the influence of consumerism and the power of a dollar spent: rather than investing in unhealthy energy drink brands, for example, we can drink water from the tap via a reusable bottle and spend our money where it counts most, with companies we support. Check ‘em out

About The Author

stash member Morgan Tilton

Raised in Colorado's San Juan Mountains, Morgan Tilton is a snowboarder, mountain-ultra-trail runner and explorer. She covers adventure travel and news for an array publications including Men's Journal, Outside, SUP Magazine and Adventure Journal.