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Experience Alaskan Heli Snowboarding in 360-Degrees

Technology these days. If you've ever wanted to go heli snowboarding in Alaska, now's your time. A week with Alaskan Snowboard Guides in Valdez, AK costs $5,000, but TransWorld SNOWboarding just released a segment of their feature-length film Insight that was filmed entirely in 360-degrees so you can feel as if you're shredding 49th state for free. 

So sit back, drag that cursor around, and experience the power of the pow with Victor Daviet, Elias Elhardt, and Jason Robinson — right from your couch. 

Hahahaha. I live in Valdez and am pretty sure this was not shot here. Nor do I think it coss $5K/day per person to heliski. Pretty weak fact checking, especially for a post that is one paragraph.

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