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Carlos Garcia Knight & Marcus Skin Present: Ruckus II

If you liked the original ‘Ruckus’ you had better buckle up, buttercup, because round two is even more ridiculous than round one. In this snowboarding short film, a group of friends travel between North America and New Zealand to create life-long memories of hucking meat and funnelling beer that will forever remain a testament to their friendship and love of all things fun and gnarly. Carlos and Marcus did an exceptional job creating this film, tastefully mixing lifestyle shots in with the undeniably-rowdy snowboarding.

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The film is dedicated to the late Jake Burton, one of the pioneers of the snowboarding world, and Marcus and Carlos create a sense of awareness that is deeply heartfelt, bringing us back to the roots of what snowboarding should all really be about.

This film features athletes such as JJ Rayword, Will Jackways, Zak Hale and many more that make it well-worth the watch.

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