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A$AP Ferg’s Crew & Burton Snowboard Legends Take on Aspen

Okay so what happens when you combine A$AP Ferg’s crew with the Burton Snowboard Team? Then drop them on the slopes in Aspen? Nothing short of mellow shredding, insane fun, teaching moments and an overload of talent across the board. 

This little BTS of the day from Burton is guaranteed to make you smile with a stacked squad of Mark McMorris, A$AP, Selema, Luke Winkelmann, Jake Canter, Zeb Powell… (Does it get any cooler? Can we hang with this bunch?) Also, Zeb doesn’t look too bad in a TGR mask if we do say so ourselves! Let the good times roll and watch it here!

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Fergs crew is really talented, then add the fact that they collaborated with the Burton Snowboard Team? That is nuts! Thanks for sharing this! Tree Removal Services

Snowboarding is a great winter adventure sport.  COVID-19 dosage  Snowboarding is fun from a high-grade overhanging snow-covered slope. This article and video on the Burton Snowboard Team are really interesting for people who like Snowboarding. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Woah all of my favorite snowboarders are here. Whan an all-star line-up! Thoroughly enjoyed the videos and their tricks. Thank you for sharing this! Septic Pumping

An all-star cast and a well-shot video. The perfect recipe for an awesome snowboarding video. Thanks for sharing this! Grease Trap Cleaning

A group of talented snowboarders in Aspen? This is definitely going to one heck of a snowboarding video. Thank you so much for sharing this! Commercial Roofing

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Uniting these two talented teams is amazing! Their stunts show how good are they in their chosen career. :)

Cheers from all of us at

Nothing short of mellow shredding, insane fun, teaching moments and an overload of talent across the board.—Bathroom Remodel Tacoma Wa

This post is amazing. Keep it up bro Nigeria

I was very encouraged to find this site. The reason being that this is such an informative post. Thanks for sharing!

I do not think this kind of entertainment is beneficial for the society.

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