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Tim Durtschi Hot Laps Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Paradise Waits is now available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more! To celebrate the release, we're releasing a segment of the film created in partnership with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The segment follows professional skier Tim Durtschi on an entire tram lap, from bottom to top and back down again, providing a view of his rapid freestyle descent.

A top-to-bottom lap without stopping is no easy task and racing the tram down the entirety of Jackson Hole's vertical gain is what most dedicated locals call a "high-speed tram lap". There are numerous ways to attempt beating the tram down the mountain, but Durtschi demonstrates the most direct route, linking various runs from atop the tram at 10,450 feet to reach the bar over 4,400 feet below, in under ten minutes. His route of choice began from the waffle house in Corbet's Cabin, then enters into Corbet's Couloir and over the Tensleep Booter on Meet Your Maker, the Downhill Chute into The Amphitheater, into to Dick's Ditch, and finishes in Teton Village.

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Meet your maker looked gnar!

Is this a career ending segment for Durtschi?
If I were one of his sponsors and he was showcased spraying kids, drinking beer, stealing food, etc. then I would not be impressed.
Must have been a rough snow season for you guys to release a segment like this.
Spraying kids? Really?
What kind of message are you sending?
Tim has a questionable reputation at best, but this makes him look heartless.
With half-ass nose butters and hard flat landings, even the attempt to spice up this segment up with peppy played out music is a failure. 
Step up the game TGR.

    Lol do you understand how sponsorships work? They want exposure and if this was a ridiculously bad video it would get that. However, this is the best part of Paradise waits and is going to get him tons of positive publicity. No one watching this movie would ever believe this is how you would act at a ski resort which is the whole point. Its a satire piece and masterfully done.

    Dude, are you for real or just ‘trollin.  Funniest shit ever.  Whatever is inserted in your behind might be too large to remove without anesthetic.

    Dude are you for real or just ‘trollin.  Funniest shit ever.  Whatever is inserted in your backside make take anesthesia to remove.

    Because skiing is such a serious sport. Because nobody gets humor. Because everybody feels the same way that you do. Sheesh dude, I’ll bet you’re just the life of the party.

This man is crazy! I can belive how brave he is. Unreal talented person.

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