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​Tim Durtschi Gets Alaskan Redemption In Magic Hour

Last year didn’t start off so hot for Tim Durtschi. Always known for starting his seasons early and ending them as late as possible, Tim’s came to an abrupt halt in early February when he crashed and injured himself at Jackson Hole’s Kings and Queens of Corbets Contest. A creative line into the couloir lined him up for a big spin at the bottom that unfortunately ended in a bit of a tumble. Luckily, Tim recovered quickly after taking a few weeks off and was able to join the crew for a spring mission in Alaska exploring some super steep spine lines alongside Kai Jones, Parkin Costain, and Nick McNutt. Catch the Atomic and Sierra Nevada athlete's full Magic Hour segment, available for digital download and streaming today at

Tim knows his way around his home resort. | Nic Alegre photo.

Tim taking a very creative line into Corbet's. | Max Ritter photo.

Big fluffy Alaskan spines. | Nic Alegre photo.

Couldn't help himself but toss the ol' backflip in the middle of the line. | Nic Alegre photo.

Is that steep enough for you, Tim? | Nic Alegre photo.

In Magic Hour, Tim Durtchi gets an Alaskan redemption. He had been in trouble with the law in the past, and this was his chance to start fresh.  cbd supplements He was able to do this by working with a local team to help with search and rescue missions. This was an amazing opportunity for him, and he was able to really show his worth. He was able to help save lives, and in the process, he found his own redemption.

This is incredible! In Magic Hour, Tim Durtschi receives an Alaskan redemption. He had been in problems with the authorities in the past, and this was his chance to start over. CBD supplements He was able to achieve this by collaborating with a local team to aid with search and rescue efforts. This was an incredible chance for him, and he was able to truly demonstrate his value. He was able to assist in saving lives, and in doing so, he discovered his salvation. | Riverside Drywall Contractors

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I manage digital content here at TGR, run our gear testing program, and am stoked to be living the dream in the Tetons.