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The Mayor of Stomptown bids farewell to the FWT

After 15 epic seasons, the Reine Barkered has decided to retire from the Freeride World Tour. With 20 podiums, three wins at the Xtreme Verbier and one world title under his belt, there really isn’t much more for Reine to accomplish as a competitor on the tour. In the latter years of his career, Reine had become something of a father figure to many of the other riders. He offered invaluable knowledge and know how as a resource for all who approached him looking for wisdom. For him, riding on the tour was always about the love of skiing, the competition was never all that important to him. In his words, he’s “probably the least competitive person ever. It’s not really my thing. Maybe I would have won more if I was, but I don’t care. Its better this way.” Reine brought so much love and good vibes to the tour; his fun-loving attitude and uplifting presence will be missed across the board. Reine, we salute you! Congrats on retirement and good luck on all future endeavors.

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