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TGR Snow Film Stalwart and Grom At Heart Tim Durtschi

One of TGR's fan favorites, Atomic skier and Sierra Nevada ambassador Tim Durtschi jumped on an early trip to the Southern Andes to explore new zones in Patagonia with the crew at Eleven. They rafted rapids on down days, and experienced the rich culture of the region, all the while scouting for fresh lines where lush temperate rain forests meet jagged snow-covered peaks. Watch Tim's episode of Legends In The Making.

TGR's 28th annual snow film, Legend Has It, premieres this September. Find a show near you at

Tim Durtschi’s expedition to Patagonia with TGR and Eleven showcases not only his skiing prowess but also the cultural richness of the region. The blend of lush rainforests and snow-covered peaks creates a stunning backdrop for his adventures. A must-watch for fans of snow films and exploration. Lab grown diamonds

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