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Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi Session Massive BC Booters

Island Lake Lodge is a special place for a variety of reasons. The terrain is wide and varied with everything from classic jumps, like the Craig Kelly hip and as well as big mountain terrain. When a crew of TGR athletes headed up to the lodge last winter epic sessions went town. 

Experience what happens when Dash Longe, Dane Tudor, Nick McNutt & Tim Durtschi head up to Island Lake Lodge for an epic session. Learn more about the Lodge here.

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Nick McNutt and Tim Durtschi’s epic session on massive BC booters showcases their unparalleled skill and fearless determination. It’s awe-inspiring to witness their mastery of the mountains. Just as restores surfaces to their pristine state, these athletes carve their mark on the slopes with precision and style.

Experience what happens when Dash Longe, Dane Tudor, Nick McNutt & Tim Durtschi head up to Island Lake Lodge for an epic session.

You’re absolutely right! Island Lake Lodge sounds like a dream destination for skiers and snowboarders, especially those who crave variety.

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