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Ski lifts in Finland are different. Very different.

Editor's Note: The Sauna Gondola at Ylläs in Finland is the only sauna gondola in the world. Starting at the top, the eight person gondola allows four people at a time in the car for 20 minutes at a time. But if sharing a hot, tight space with other half-naked people isn't for you, don't worry, there's also a normal sauna at the top of the gondola. 

Ski lifts in Finland are different. Very different. Follow this one round through the lift and ski run at Ylläs. Hot? Not enough. Throw some more water to the heater! More! Once you have watched this, imagine doing this for 24 hours, non-stop, to collect 150,000 feet of vertical in one session. The winner of the competition did 122 gruelling rounds. Read more about the competition results here.

That’s gotta steam your goggles up a bit…

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