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Must Watch: Skiing the Stairs at Red Rocks Amphitheater

If you're a music fan and been to Colorado's Front Range, odds are you've enjoyed a night under the stars at one of the world's best concert venues: Red Rocks Amphitheater. But what goes on at Red Rocks in the winter? In light of the massive storm that's hitting Colorado right now, apparently some solid shredding. Yesterday morning, several skiers were escorted off the property for illegal shredding the venue's famous stairs. While skiing the amphitheater may be illegal, it's still pretty sick. Stair-jibs, anybody?  

thank you very much!
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So cool! Totally needed a brain break! Thanks for sharing! Commercial Roofing

Red Rocks Amphitheater was an amazing experience. I’ve seen the concert too diamonds rings for cheap  . Thanks for sharing these details in this article. It is really a piece of great news. I love musical events like this very much. It is so interesting.

That actually sounds fun, but it is definitely illegal. lol better just follow the rules and release your passion for skiing somewhere else. Thanks for sharing! Septic Repairs

I am a music fan, but I’ve never been there.
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I’ve always wanted to do this.
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It’s supposed to be one of the world’s best venues for concerts? I guess I can believe that.
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This is an interesting article. I enjoyed it.

Never spent a night under the stars at Red Rocks Amphitheater but when I was going to college at Colorado Aero Tech in Broomfield back in ‘98 with some friends from HS we took a plane ride over the mountains and got to see this from the air! That was an experience in itself. Since it was our first plane ride we had ever been in. Good times! Would love to go back and visit sometime and take my family to go skiing. But not how these guys did it! Carrboro Remodel

I know some like the beach, but for me this is the perfect place.

I’d love to do this.
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Thanks for always sharing great and quality content. I really lvoe skiing and its the reason why I found your site in the first place. Thanks TGR! house painter

Thanks for sharing this! I really appreciate you guys sending some of the best videos about sports out there. Thanks for taking the time to research this!  house painting

I love your content! Great job!

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