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Lindsey Vonn Bombed the Streif… In the Dark

As if speed running the most notorious downhill course in the world wasn’t gnarly enough, Lindsey Vonn went ahead and bombed the Streif in Kitzbühel at night. She is now the first woman to ever ski this course and the first person to ever ski it in the dark. This is just a cherry on top of Lindsey’s career, which when all is said and done will be one of the most legendary careers in ski racing history. TGR has had the pleasure of documenting much of her career throughout the years, and just a few years ago we shot a documentary about her rise to dominance in ski racing; check it out Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season on HBO!

Lindsey Vonn had an incredible run in the dark - she bombed the Strief and set a new record! It’s an amazing accomplishment, and cbd oil for sleep speaks volumes to her skill and determination. It’s no wonder she’s become an iconic athlete, setting the bar ever higher for all those who follow in her footsteps!

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