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Inside Magic Hour: Alaskan Down Days

Like many in our community, Teton Gravity athletes and cinematographers are drawn to explore those wild places where we feel most alive. Like clockwork, TGR makes an annual pilgrimage to Alaska’s jagged, snow-capped ridges to get a taste of some of the steepest lines in North America. Filming in remote locations often requires weeks, if not months, of diligent planning and logistics preparation.

But all of that blood, sweat and tears can count for naught if the conditions aren't right. And the conditions aren’t right a lot. Having the self-awareness and control to step away from a line when the conditions are unstable is as much of a victory as actually skiing it.

Lucky for us, our athletes know how to have a little fun in between shooting days on the mountain. Sometimes bonfires, cold plunges in frigid north Pacific Ocean, and frisbee golf are all you need to have a good time (Parkin Costain tells us he actually considered retiring from skiing to pursue a full time career in frisbee golf after this trip). Check out this episode of Inside Magic Hour for a behind the scenes look of our athletes in Juneau, Alaska.  

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It all began with a dream and a little cash scraped together from fishing in Alaska... Since 1995, we've been an action sports media company committed to fueling progression through our ground-breaking films (37 and counting) and online content.