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Candide Thovex Is BACK, Jumps Over Paragliders, Road Bikers in “One Of Those Days III”

I mean, I'm not sure why I'm even typing anything in here – will you even read it? Whatever combination of adverbs and pronouns I spew into the space below this video will do nothing close to justice to Candide Thovex's mastery of his skiing and his ability to somehow, stylishly, dominate insane stunts.

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Of course, One of Those Days III features more obviously fake or CGI stunts than either the first or second edition of Candide's legendary internet-bombing series. But nonetheless, there's plenty of 100%, 100% fucking insane skiing from the sport's most iconic spinner and flipper to make you stop what you're doing and simply appreciate the magic for a few moments. 

Candide, this is your world - we are simply living in it. #pageviewsplease

(At the risk of bringing up a played out argument from previous episodes) Am I the only one that feels the addition of CGI detracts from the film? Feels like it cheapens the incredible stuff that Thovex actually does.

About The Author

stash member Ryan Dunfee

Former Managing Editor at Teton Gravity Research, current Senior Contributor, current professional hippy at the Sierra Club, and avid weekend recreationalist.