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In Bound Freshies Abound By Orage

The plan called for a Swiss family vacation style shred mission hopping trains from Zurich, through Laax Resort and onward to Andermatt, Sui. Fortunately for JP Auclair, Phil Casabon and Jeremy Prevost their stoke meter was pinned at 10 out of 10 with the 3 feet+ of fresh that fell on night one offering two days of ridiculous in bound freshies.If there was to be a downside found, it came in the form of snow slides taking out railways forcing them to hunker down in Laax for 5 days instead of touring the countryside.But in Laax, its not much of a challenge to find the silver lining in being stuck in one of the most diverse ski resorts. Skatepark, terrain park, killer village, massive amounts of terrain, sun, snow, side country galore and of course... Pow!Watch More Orage Videos Here

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